DevOps Bootcamp

Learn DevOps best practices and get your entire infrastructure defined as code in this 3-day, on-site training session.

The fastest way to DevOps

Migrating to the cloud? Going through a DevOps transformation? Launching a new product and want to "do it right" this time? The Gruntwork DevOps Bootcamp is the fastest way to make it happen. It's an intense, 3-day program that will transform how you run your infrastructure and deliver software.

This is not a fluffy, high-level, theoretical course, but a hands-on session where you will be coding all day long with a Gruntwork engineer. You'll learn about infrastructure as code, continuous integration, continuous delivery, Terraform, AWS, Packer, Docker, and much more. And not only that, by the end of the course, you'll also have a fully working end-to-end infrastructure defined as code and deployed in your AWS account!


DevOps basics Learn the origins of DevOps and the basic principles and techniques.
AWS crash course Hands-on session where you learn to use the most important AWS services, including IAM, EC2, ASG, EBS, ELB, S3, and RDS.
Infrastructure as code Overview of different techniques to manage infrastructure, including ad-hoc scripts (e.g., Bash, Python), configuration management tools (e.g., Chef, Puppet), machine images (e.g., VMs, Docker), and provisioning tools (e.g., Terraform, CloudFormation).
Terraform introduction Go through a series of coding exercises that cover the basic Terraform syntax, state management, loops, conditionals, lifecycle management, and common gotchas.
Advanced Terraform Go through a series of coding exercises that cover Terraform modules, file layout, keeping code DRY, team workflows, and automated testing.
Immutable infrastructure Overview of immutable infrastructure practices, versioning artifacts, promoting artifacts through environments, and deployment.
Packer introduction Build your own AMIs and other virtual machine images using Packer.
Docker introduction Create your own Docker images and deploy them using Docker orchestration tools.
Continuous delivery Learn how to integrate Terraform, Packer, and Docker into a continuous delivery pipeline.
DevOps best practices Learn about continuous integration, microservices, feature toggles, canary deployments, monitoring, alerting, and log aggregation.
Production readiness review A Gruntwork engineer goes through a checklist of questions with your team to see what work you need to do to be ready for prod.
Architecture deployment Deploy your customized Reference Architecture in AWS.
Architecture walkthrough Overview of how the architecture works and how to use it.
Migrating to the new architecture Learn the process of migrating your apps and data to the new architecture.
Q&A Free-form Q&A session with the Gruntwork engineer.
Minimum students 10
Intended audience System administrator, operations engineer, release engineer, site reliability engineer, DevOps engineer, infrastructure developer, full stack developer, engineering manager, CTO, or anyone else responsible for code after it has been written.
Prerequisites Basic familiarity with programming, the command line, and server-based software (e.g., websites).
Hardware/software A laptop with a text editor. An AWS account. A GitHub account.

Interested in a DevOps Bootcamp for GCP?

The DevOps Bootcamp is currently only available for AWS. If you're interested in a DevOps Bootcamp for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), contact us!


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