How it Works

Gruntwork can help you get your entire infrastructure defined as code and deployed on AWS, all in about a day. Here's how it works.

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1. Tell us your infrastructure needs with our free online form.

Fill out our simple, free online form to tell us what infrastructure from the Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture you want to use: Docker or Packer? MySQL or PostgreSQL? Jenkins or CircleCI? CloudWatch or DataDog? KMS or Vault? Bastion host or VPN server? You choose!

2. Schedule a free live walkthrough.

We'll create the infrastructure you requested in Terraform, Go, Bash, and Python and set up a free video call with you to walk you through the code you'd be getting. You'll be able to see exactly how the code looks, how it's documented, how it's tested, and how it works when running in an AWS account.

3. If you like what you see, become a Gruntwork customer.

If the code looks like a good fit, we'll get your payment details (see pricing), transfer the code into your Git repos, and deploy it into your AWS account(s), getting you up and running with a battle-tested, end-to-end infrastructure in about a day! If the code doesn't fit your needs, you don't pay a cent.

4. Learn how to use your new infrastructure.

The infrastructure code comes with written and video documentation of how to do all common DevOps tasks: how to run the code in dev, how to build and test, how to deploy changes, where to find metrics, logs, and alerts, and so on. If you want to go even deeper, sign up for one of the Gruntwork Training Courses, which cover topics such as Terraform, AWS, Docker, Packer, and Security.

5. Keep your infrastructure working smoothly.

With Gruntwork Support, you can reach out to our team of DevOps experts for help with questions, troubleshooting, code reviews, design reviews, and bug fixes. And with Patcher(beta), we can even update your infrastructure code and submit pull requests automatically, helping you stay up to date with the latest releases from the Infrastructure as Code Library, AWS, and Terraform.