Gruntwork Careers

Seeking qualified grunts.

Focused on improving humanity's most important invention: Software.

See our mission and vision for an overview of what we work on and check out How we built a distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, profitable startup for a detailed look at how we work. If you're passionate about making software 10x better and believe you can make a significant impact, we'd love to hear from you.

Gruntwork is a Human-Friendly Company.

We aim to build a company:

  • Where you get to take on big challenges, but the hours are reasonable.
  • Where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, but where disagreement is welcome.
  • Where the team takes great pride in our craft, but also gets things done.
  • Where we are all focused on advancing the company's mission, but get plenty of time off.
  • That is welcoming, safe, and inclusive for people of all cultures, genders, and races.

In short, we want to work on interesting problems, with interesting people, while leading interesting lives.

How We Work

Check out How we built a distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, profitable startup for all the details on what we do, how we fund it, how we hire, and how we work.

Open Positions

We are always ready to add the next Grunt, but as a 100% bootstrapped company, we only hire when our revenue supports it, so timing matters. If you're inspired by what you've seen and believe in a little serendipity, we would love to hear from you. Here are the positions we're currently looking for:

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

What You'll Work On

  • Engineering a fundamentally better DevOps experience.

What You'll Do

  • Work on just about every aspect of the Gruntwork stack. Write Go-based CLI tools, work on Serverless apps in Node, write Terraform modules, write Python scripts and Bash scripts, do frontend development, learn the newest tech from AWS, invent new ways of managing infrastructure. We're looking for true full-stack engineers who can go deep in any area. We're less concerned with prior experience than we are with demonstrated ability to go deep when necessary.

Your Ideal Background

  • You know how to write code across the stack ("Dev").
  • You have experience running production software ("Ops").
  • You have a strong background in software engineering (or are working hard on it!).
  • Bonus points for a sense of humor, empathy and curiosity.

If the above describes you, email us at

For more info, see the blog post we wrote when we were looking for employee #1: Gruntwork is hiring DevOps Engineers.