Keep your code up to date, even with breaking changes.

Use Patcher to automatically update your dependency versions, including patching your code to make it work with backward incompatible releases.

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How it Works

Automatically discover dependencies in your code

With Patcher

Run the Patcher CLI to automatically discover dependencies in your code, the versions they are at, and if new versions are available.

Without Patcher

You have to manually scan your code for dependencies, manually track which versions they are at, and manually look up if new versions are available.

Hassle-free updates with step-by-step instructions and automatic patching

With Patcher

Choose the desired module and its corresponding version for an update. Patcher automatically modifies your code, applying necessary patches. You will be guided through any necessary manual changes.

Without Patcher

Update to new versions manually. If the new version is backward incompatible, go searching for a migration guide, and follow the steps to update your code manually.

Gruntwork Library is built for Patcher

Deploy on top of production-grade infrastructure and always stay up to date with the latest releases, best practices, security patches, and new tooling versions.


Commercially-maintained infrastructure code

We keep the Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture up to date with the latest best practices, security releases, tool versions (e.g., latest versions of Terraform, Kubernetes, EKS), and compliance standards (e.g., latest versions of the AWS CIS Foundations Benchmark).


Versioned releases with patches for breaking changes

Every update we make comes out as a new, versioned release. Any time a release contains a breaking change, we include a patch to help automate the upgrade process.


Secure by design

Use Patcher to keep your code patched and up-to-date to minimize security vulnerabilities. All patches are executed in a sandbox with strict security controls over network and file system access.


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to Patcher

Patcher is currently in private beta. If you're interested in trying it out, join our waitlist, and we'll be in touch!

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