Infrastructure as Code Library Client License

The Infrastructure as Code Library is a collection of reusable, battle-tested infrastructure code that has been proven in production at dozens of companies and is supported and maintained by a team of DevOps experts. With a Client License, you get access to 100% of the code in the Library, including all updates and additions to the Library as long as you're a subscriber.

Access 100% of the code in the Library Yes
Make your own forks and modifications Yes
Access to all updates and additions to the Library Yes
Contact Gruntwork for bug fixes GitHub Issues
Support See support plans
Subscription period Annual
Billing frequency Monthly
Price $500 / month

The Client License has usage limits. One License should easily cover most small and medium deployments. If you exceed the limits, you must purchase another License. See the FAQ for details.

Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture is an opinionated, battle-tested, best practices way to assemble the code from the Infrastructure as Code Library into an end-to-end tech stack that has just about everything you need. You get to customize the Reference Architecture to fit your needs (e.g., you pick the type of database, cache, server cluster, CI server, etc.) and we build it to your specifications, deploy it into your AWS account(s), and give you 100% of the code, all in about a day (see How it Works).

Standard Setup $3,950

Multiple isolated environments, each configured with:

  • Network topology (VPCs, subnets, NAT, etc)
  • Server cluster (Docker or ASG)
  • Load balancer (ELB or ALB)
  • Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc)
  • Cache (Redis or Memcached)
  • Monitoring, alerting, log aggregation
  • CI / CD (Jenkins, CircleCI, or TravisCI)
  • DNS, TLS, S3, CDN
  • Secrets management, SSH management, server hardening, bastion host, high availability, auto scaling, documentation, and much more

Upgrade Options

Multi-account setup +$2,500
End-to-end encryption setup +$2,000
Each additional database +$500
Other changes $200 / hour

Note: To use the Reference Architecture, you must have a License for the Infrastructure as Code Library


Gruntwork Support gives you access to a team of DevOps experts for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a single DevOps engineer full time. We provide support, automatic updates, and security alerts for the Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture and we're here to help you with questions, code reviews, design reviews, bug fixing, and troubleshooting.

Choose from one of three support plans: Startup, ScaleUp, or Enterprise.

Startup ScaleUp Enterprise
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Slack Support First month only Yes Yes
Phone/Video Chat Support Scheduled Scheduled On demand
Support Availability Business hours Business hours Extended hours
Response Time 2 business days 1 business day 2 hours
Production Readiness Review No No Yes
Community Forum Yes Yes Yes
Automated Infra Updates (beta) Yes Yes Yes
Security Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Subscription Period Annual Annual Annual
Billing Frequency Monthly Monthly Monthly
Authorized Users Up to 5 Up to 15 Unlimited
Price $295 / Month $2,495 / Month Contact Us

Note: All support plans require that you have a License for the Infrastructure as Code Library


We offer two types of training: Crash Courses, which are 1-2 hours each and done via video call, and Workshops, which are 1-2 days each and are done on-site.

Crash Courses

Terraform $400 / person
Packer, Docker, and ECS $400 / person
AWS fundamentals $400 / person
DevOps fundamentals $400 / person
Security fundamentals $400 / person
AWS Lambda $400 / person


Infrastructure as Code with Terraform $2,000 / person
The modern end-to-end tech stack $2,000 / person

Minimum sign-up for any training is 5 students. Above pricing does not include travel reimbursement for Workshops. All travel charges are billed at cost.