Gruntwork Support

Expert support, automatic updates, and security alerts for the Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture.

The DevOps help and guidance you've been looking for

With DevOps, it seems like there are a thousand little details you have to get just right—DNS, TLS, VPCs, secrets management, monitoring, alerting, CI, CD—and never enough time to learn them all. With Gruntwork Support, you get to work with a team of DevOps experts who can help you set up your infrastructure, design highly available and scalable systems, automate builds and deployments, troubleshoot issues, and avoid gotchas and pitfalls.

Support benefits

Work with a team of DevOps experts

At Gruntwork, we provide commercial support for the Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture via email, chat, and phone/video calls. As a subscriber, you get access to a team of DevOps experts for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a single DevOps engineer full time. We are here to help you with:

  • Questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Code reviews
  • Design reviews
  • Bug fixes
  • Updating your existing infrastructure
  • Building new infrastructure
  • Pair coding

Get automated infrastructure updates(Beta)

Everything in the DevOps world is constantly changing: AWS releases hundreds of new features a year, Terraform releases new versions every two weeks, security vulnerabilities are found daily, and we update the Infrastruture as Code Library all the time. As a Gruntwork subscriber, you can keep up to date with all of these changes—automatically—by using Patcher(beta). Patcher is a tool that can automatically scan code in supported languages (currently, Terraform and Packer), identify updates that need to be applied, apply those updates by transforming the code, and submit a pull request for you to review.

Patcher is currently in beta and available upon request with certain limitations.

Go through a production readiness review

The goal of a Production Readiness Review is to get your code ready for deployment to production. The Gruntwork team will work with you to review and improve your:

  • Overall system architecture, including scalability and high availability design
  • Instrumentation, metrics, and monitoring
  • Build process, manual testing, and automated testing
  • Capacity planning, SLAs, and load testing
  • Backups, failover, disaster recovery, and resilience testing
  • Change management and deployment process
  • Emergency response, runbooks, and documentation

The Production Readiness Review is currently only available with the Enterprise support plan.

Get access to the Gruntwork Community Forum

Subscribers get access to the Gruntwork Community Forum where you can talk with the other Gruntwork customers. Since you are all using the same infrastructure, this is a great place to ask questions, discuss design decisions, and work together as a community to improve infrastructure and DevOps practices.

Receive security alerts

New security vulnerabilities are discovered all the time. Rarely does a month go by without at least one critical vulnerability being announced in OpenSSL, PHP, Jenkins, WordPress, or the Linux kernel. We monitor a number of security advisory lists and notify you immediately if any critical vulnerabilities are announced that may affect your infrastructure.

Receive the Monthly Newsletter

We send out a monthly newsletter that describes all the updates we've made to the Infrastructure as Code Library as well as general news on what's happening in the AWS, Terraform, and Gruntwork ecosystem.

Choose the right support plan for your team.

Check out the support plans we offer on the Pricing page.